Trust Specialty Asset Management Services

As a provider of trust services, financial institutions have a fiduciary responsibility to manage and protect their clients’ assets while helping them preserve and enhance their wealth. Cushman & Wakefield helps institutions achieve these goals by providing expertise, resources and processes designed specifically for the unique requirements of real property trust assets such as farms, ranches, single family homes, multi-family properties, and commercial real estate.  

Cushman & Wakefield helps financial institutions mitigate risks, operate more efficiently, and enhance the quality of services delivered to internal and external clients. We provide scalability to deliver consistent service quality over time, proven technologies to increase productivity and processes tailored to each requirement to ensure compliance and reliability.  

Benefits of Cushman & Wakefield's approach include: 

Enhanced Service for Your Clients
By applying our expertise and utilizing proven operating models, we enhance your ability to ensure your clients’ strategic and financial goals are met.

Improved Efficiency
We deliver immediate access to information about your clients’ real estate trust assets. Real-time data such as critical dates, property related expenses, vendor performance and project status help your clients make timely, critical decisions.

Risk Mitigation
Risk management in a trust real estate portfolio involves timely completion of compliance requirements, accurate reporting and processes designed to minimize exposure. We address these issues with an experienced, professional team following proven methodologies to reduce risks inherent with owning real estate.

Peace of Mind for Your Clients
Our asset managers focus on maintaining, protecting and enhancing the value of your clients’ real estate portfolios, overseeing all aspects of your clients’ operations, including contract and accounting management, transactional due diligence, research and specialized services depending upon property type. For farm and ranch properties we manage participation in agricultural programs, maintain oversight of product inventories, supervise commodity strategies, and control and handle recreational uses. For commercial properties we handle tenant issues, oversee lease requirements and monitor capital expenditure reserves. For residential properties we maintain positive relations with residents while ensuring that all requirements of trust management are met, aiming to be as unobtrusive as possible.