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Green Building Solutions & Sustainability Consulting

While organizations around the world strive to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, green commercial real estate is one of the surest ways to translate words into action. For investors, tenants and owner-occupiers, sustainably designed and managed real estate not only benefits the environment, but it can reduce operating costs, improve employee health and satisfaction, and act as a key differentiator for a property.

To help organizations benefit the most from sustainable buildings, Cassidy Turley uses its expertise and local market knowledge to understand our clients’ property and to create a unique sustainable solution. We analyze our clients’ space  from all perspectives including building integrity, attractiveness and economic feasibility to deliver a superior solution that helps clients save money, retain employees and tenants, and preserve building systems.

Having completed more than 15 million square feet in LEED® projects, Cassidy Turley’s accredited professionals design and implement green building solutions that achieve the maximum benefit. We focus on the triple bottom line: the impact of facilities on people, the environment and our clients’ profitability. Our industry connections keep us current on green technologies and best practices. We are committed to creating tailored sustainable solutions that provide valuable, measurable outcomes for our clients.

Our services include:

  • LEED Project Management
  • Operating Efficiencies Consulting
  • Utility Control and Tracking
  • Integrating Sustainable Design Consulting into Leasing
  • Tenant/Employee Education and Engagement Programs

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Sustainability Spotlight

Destination: Certification

Michael Alexander, from our Washington, DC office, was interviewed in the July issue of Buildings Magazine. He discusses one of the Sustainability group's LEED projects, 455 Massachusetts Avenue. The article highlights the group’s involvement in the LEED certification of the property and their expertise in LEED rating systems. Read More>>