Facilities Services

Reliable service that suits your budget.

The cleanliness and overall condition of facilities reflects the quality of your enterprise in the eyes of employees, customers and visitors.  DTZ’s platform and the dedication of our staff allow us to provide top-notch service you can depend on, at the most effective cost.

  • Maintenance ServicesFrom preventative equipment  maintenance  to replacing burnt-out light bulbs to freshening paint jobs, our general maintenance professionals take care of the day-to-day jobs that keep facilities performing as designed and expected.
  • Critical Environments ServicesYou can be confident of 100 percent up-time and strict adherence to maintenance protocols in data centers, lab spaces and other mission-critical facilities with special needs.
  • Cleaning Services Our efficient, high-quality service uses green products and other industry best practices.
  • Grounds and Landscaping Services - We make sure your outdoor areas are as well-kept as interiors, from mowing and flower beds to sidewalk and parking lot maintenance.
  • Moving Services - A well-organized relocation ensures that your people maintain 100 percent productivity throughout the transition.
  • Office and Mailroom Services - From reception and concierge services to reprographic services to mailroom operations —  we work hard to make these tasks seem effortless.

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