Corporate Solutions/Retail Portfolio Services

Driving Business Results Through Real Estate Solutions.

As a retailer, the right location is only one aspect of a successful real estate strategy.  Cushman & Wakefield understands the unique challenges you face and provides the experience, resources, and expertise to help you find the optimal location and gain greater value through your real estate portfolio.

We offer decades of experience helping our retail clients successfully reduce costs, enhance the quality of their locations, and mitigate risks inherent in the process.  We will develop a solution to meet your specific business objectives:

Accelerated Growth of Revenue: Partnering with Cushman & Wakefield, our clients are able to open profitable stores more quickly, allowing them to generate new revenues more quickly.  Our approach to integrating services consistently results in reduced timelines, sometimes by as much as 30%.

Increased Profitability:   We have a proven history of helping reducing the costs associated with store openings while maintaining and increasing quality.  From negotiating favorable lease terms to value-engineering the design of your new location, to cost-effectively building and maintaining your existing stores, we deliver results straight to the bottom line.

Brand Preservation and Enhancement: Each location in your portfolio needs to convey your company’s image and values in a consistent manner.  Delivering exceptional quality across all markets, we will help protect and enhance the value of your brand.