Portfolio Administration

Reducing Lease Costs and Risks.

Monitoring accurate lease information is essential to minimizing occupancy costs and operational risks. Our Portfolio Administration team optimizes data collection and analysis to develop strategies for reducing costs, managing key lease dates and enhancing reporting capabilities.

  • Lease Abstraction Services: Our team reviews lease documents and develops summaries of critical information, especially non-standard provisions and financial obligations.
  • Landlord and Tenant Management: Our systems are designed to serve both landlords and tenants with numerous leases under management.
  • Expense Review, Audit and Recovery Services: Auditing lease documents during occupancy frequently reveals expenses charged to tenants in error. Our experts audit lease documents to prevent erroneous charges to tenants.
  • Lease and Portfolio Analytics and Reporting: Our analytics system reviews and analyzes portfolio data by asset type, location, size and many other factors, while our team translates the data into actionable strategies.
  • Critical Date Notification: The experts on our staff ensure that decision makers are prepared when leases expire and alternative options arise.
  • Budget and Financial Reporting: For stakeholders focused on financial data, our suite of reports includes focused and timely data on budgets and operating and capital expenses.

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Jennifer Teufel
Director of Business Development
Canada, Facilities Management
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Ryan McMasters
Managing Director
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