Subleasing Services

Comprehensive subleasing services for tenants.

While lease lengths are fixed, tenant space needs are not. Often a tenant needs to sublease – to reduce costs, remove excess space after consolidation, or to earmark space for future expansion. Cushman & Wakefield provides clients a full-service approach – managing the transaction schedule, conducting financial and physical due diligence, and pursuing asset and market research to fully understand the space to be sublet. We then implement a custom marketing strategy, analyze offers, negotiate final terms, coordinate with clients’ legal counsel to close the deal, and provide a post-transaction report.

Cushman & Wakefield’s clients are kept informed during every step of the process. Our experts leverage their local market knowledge and strong industry ties to successfully market the space to the most appropriate subtenant, for the appropriate timeframe. Our project managers are also available to give recommendations on partial floor sublets, and can help manage any construction with minimal disruption to employees. Whether in a primary or tertiary market, Cushman & Wakefield’s subleasing services ensures that clients enjoy maximum flexibility in their real estate at minimal cost.